Friday, June 15, 2007

that's what I'M talking about

A couple of posts ago I wrote about being consistently pro-life. That post actually got a few comments (proof that other minds exist -- unless I just imagined the comments! -- darn). Anyway, here's a link to a recent post on Jim Wallis's "God's Politics" blog that is along the same lines:

So, waddya think?

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Anonymous said...


For many years I have been talking to people about consistency in their position on the 'seamless garment of life' as Wallis put it. Being active in conservative (in the political sense) congregations, I always hear the pro-life talk when it comes to abortion, but not when it comes to war, capital punishment, etc.

My wife and I remind people that if we, as Christians, truly want to be taken seriously we must have a consistent message. Anything else has the tendency to reinforce the view of the world that we are hypocrites.

Anyways, I too believe that the younger generation and the more thoughtful old folks, which includes you ;-) are beginning to see that the issues important to the Church should go beyond any false partisan dividing lines because they express our core beliefs rather than the party line.