Saturday, September 22, 2007

I have a new hero

Read his story here.


Sammie said...

wow I am so glad that he wrote that! I'm sad to say I voted for W., and very glad to hear that people are protesting this idiocy.

Scott Starr said...
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Scott Starr said...

Some would say that marching like this goes against the scriptural mandate to "honor" the government as given in the New Testament. This dilemma has been discussed at length in this blog. I don't see that something like this march was necessarily dishonoring the government. No laws were broken. At any rate the consensus about the N.T. mandate to honor the government is that this only applies as long as the Government is in accordance with the greater laws of God. So, even if a march like this were illegal, which it isn't, it would still be within scriptural liscence to express one's opinions of government foreign policy with regards to Godly conduct.

As for this young man's opinions I am not sure if our government lied, engaged in truth engineering for use in propaganda operations to sell their agenda or was simply carried away by its own groupthink and just made grave mistakes. Either way, they should be held accountable for their actions. I respect this young man's desire to march, I believe that desire is not propelled by hatred, rebellion or a lack of patriotism as some would have you believe. I consider him as a hero in his own right.

I think its worth noting that many of the people that would accuse that young man or myself of sinning by this protest are likely the ones who are deeply critical of the people they don't agree with in the congress and senate whom they may disagree with on the war(s). Like I pointed out in one of my previous posts at Geotheology- the biblical literalists that would cite this protest march as an act of sin and unscriptural activity are in many cases the same folks do not pay much attention to the beatitudes. I believe the protest- at least this young man's participation in it, was peaceful and humble.