Wednesday, April 02, 2008

On Being Alien

A good friend currently wonders if he "fits here anymore." Here is my late-night response.

I suppose that depends in part on what you mean by "here." Abilene? Church of Christ? Earth? You probably don't fit any of them very well, especially given the fallenness of them all. But the last two (!) are what God is working on redeeming (certainly he's abandoned Abilene??? :-) ), and I think that's where we "fit" into the world -- with the memory that it is God's, that God isn't happy with it in its present state because God doesn't "fit" here anymore, either. I mean -- when's the last time you saw God walking around in the garden? The world has done its best to kick God out. No wonder that we who are imago dei also feel like it's a bad fit (when we're aware, at least). The only way we can "fit" is to join forces with God, which means to be fighting against the way the world is, which means NOT to "fit." A paradox. May God have mercy.


Sammie said...

good points. One of the things my mom said to me in trying to talk me out of doing the HIM program was, "You won't fit in there." I said, "I don't fit in HERE!" I totally believe that's a good thing. I wans't made for this world.

chip said...

Sammie -- I'd like to gently disagree. You WERE made for this world, but not in its fallen state. I want to insist that it's the sinfulness of the world that makes us uneasy. And perhaps the sinfulness of our own culture that makes us want to seek out another. Are you doing the HIM program? You'd be great at it!