Friday, May 09, 2008

Jimmy Carter on the Palestinian Humanitarian Crisis

Click here for a quick summary by the Ekklesia Project.

Click here for the full article by Jimmy Carter in The Guardian.

Former President Carter has recently visited the Gaza Strip and has seen first hand the suffering of the Palestinians. Our nation is largely responsible for this situation, and we need to change our national policy. Send these articles to your senators and state reps!


Divine_Contemplative said...

Chip, how much more funds would our nation have to devote toward humanitarian causes (at home and abroad) if we had not gotten involved in this war, do you think?

[Naturally, the lives lost cannot be replaced or expressed in monetary value...]

Ty said...

I'm all for paying attention to the plight of the Palestinians, but can we please pay attention to the treatment they receive in Syria and Lebanon and Iraq and Egypt as well as in Israel.

We need to put pressure on Israel, true, but why do we ignore the Palestinian camps in Muslim nations? Jordan is the only country bordering Israel that ever treated the Palestinians with any dignity or grace, and even that has been largely withdrawn in recent years. Israel certainly treats Palestinians as enemies and thus insures their identity as enemies, but is it better that Syria interred them in camps? That Egypt treats them as ex-cons, scrutinizing their every move?

When a race's enemy treats it as an enemy of a higher degree than that race deserves, that is wrong, but when those who verbally support a race's right to self-government persecute that race, it is a greater wrong.

chip said...

Thanks, Ty -- there's a lot we in the US (and I'll admit my own ignorance here) do not know about the plight of the Palestinians -- both historically and presently. Too bad they don't have oil -- we'd be there for them, right?