Monday, June 13, 2011


Good stuff from Henry Chu, head of the LA Times' London bureau, on British reaction to the health-care debate in both America and in Great Britain:,0,1237142.story

In short, the British don't mind a little tinkering with their National Health Service, but the idea of privatizing it is abhorrent to them, and politicians are stumbling all over themselves in the rush to apologize for any comment that indicates they favor an "American Style Health Care System." Go figure.

In the final analysis, "Obamacare" will end up being a great compliment. You heard it here first.

Thanks to Mike Gipson for the link to the Henry Chu piece.


Gary said...

As it stands, I will be too old to qualify for my parents' insurance on Sept. 20th this year.

I am slowly gaining increasing coverage through my workplace, but I really don't want to be working at a grocery store still come September, either.

And at $175-225/week, I really couldn't afford it -- even with no rent and half my food paid for!

Desposyni Mastermind: Matt Dowling said...

It's been fun to see the Republican frontfumbler, Mitt Romney, do everything he can to retreat from his connections to Obamacare.

Just curious, is the Republican platform, "We hate the poor."--or is it just me?